Corporate Champion

Corporate Champion

Corporate Champion

Start from the scratch

Corporate Champion is a challenging boxing experience. During 12 weeks of training camp, 2 teams of white collars who have no experience in boxing will have the opportunity to get trained by former national champions and step into the ring to experience a unique fight night in support of charity.

After 12 weeks of intensive training, participants will have the pleasure of stepping into the ring for their first amateur boxing match (3x2min for women and 3×3 for men). The bouts will be refereed and supervised by professional judges and referees.

Part of the event’s funds will be donated to a charity for the workers in need.


Th training camp will take place in  a brand new fully-equipped gym at the center of Dubai. Fighters will have the opportunity to train with the latest I-Percut boxing technology.

For 12 weeks, boxers will be split in small groups and coached by boxing professionals and sports trainers. At least 5 training sessions per week will be given, focusing on technique, conditioning, cardio and sparring.

For those who want to improve their skills, it will also be possible to take part in personal training sessions on demand to help you improve your physical condition and refine your technique.

All boxing training equipment, excluding boxing shoes, will be provided.

Fight night


The fight Night will take place in a high quality venue in the heart of Dubai business district.

One day before the event, you will have the chance to experience an official weigh-in and face-off.
During the fight day you’ll be the main character of this amazing night. You’ll finally be able to show your friends and colleagues the results of the work done during the training camp.

Each fight will be conducted in compliance with the strictest safety standards, ensuring that our participants can challenge each other in a competitive manner while maintaining a safe and respectful environment. This means that every competitor will be able to give his or her best.

It’s an opportunity to surpass oneself, push back one’s limits and prove to oneself that effort and determination can lead to success., in a friendly and fun environment. 

The fight night program