Enjoy the most challenging experience of your life !

Corporate Champion is a totally immersive boxing experience.
For 12 weeks, the participants will have the opportunity to get trained by former national champions. They will learn the subtleties of boxing, from technique to tactics, while developing their physical fitness, mental resistance and self-confidence.

Each participant will have the unique chance to step into the ring for an unforgettable fight night in support of a charityThey will be cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd there to support them.  

A Glimpse into the Corporate Champion Program

This program is designed for white collars men and women who have never boxed before or with little experience.

After 12 weeks of intensive training, participants will have the pleasure of stepping into the ring for an amateur boxing match (3x2min for women and 3×3 for men). 

The fight night will take place over a sumptuous dinner in a hotel in the heart of Dubai’s business district

Corporate Champion Experience

12 weeks of intensive and fun training camp
Beginners only, no experience required
Fair fight (matching according to the level and weight)
Trainings by professionals in a brand new gym with the latest technology



Corporate Champion aims to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Through this initiative, we will be raising funds to THE GIVING FAMILY, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals and support to workers with fewer resources. The heart of "Corporate Champion" lies in its mission to nourish the lives of those struggling to meet their basic needs. By supporting this event, you are endorsing a cause that genuinely cares for the well-being of workers facing economic challenges.

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